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From the Desk of CEO and CAO / Correspondent

Mr. Darshan Raj B

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Management Committee Member

Ms. Maadhurya Ramaswamy

Chief Administrative Officer, Correspondent & Executive Management Committee Member

Our school believes every child is a prodigy and blessed with remarkable intelligence. This year, by adopting a unique educational method, that is a combination of the best of both ancient and modern methods, we will strive hard as a team to build a community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and champions of tomorrow's Modern INDIA.

We believe schools must provide a liberating experience, not a confining one. A child must be able to explore the wonderful world around him or her, be it through art, poetry, math, music or history, or indeed through all of them. She or he will then be equipped to make a choice of career, based on a real and deep understanding of the world.

Along with honesty, there are many other attributes that make a country truly “evolved”. Simple things like observing civic niceties, regarding traffic rules, caring for public property and the environment, respecting diversity, respecting parents and elders, empathy towards the downtrodden and gender sensitivity must become part of the DNA of school education and not just a boring lesson in a civics book. We need our doctors, engineers and lawyers. But equally, if not more importantly, we need a society based on honesty, equity and justice.

According to us, it is not enough to just “make in India”; we must also “make good people in India”.